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Raphaela knows how to listen—not just to what you tell her, but also to your surroundings—with empathy and without judgment. Then she dives in, and your projects become her projects, your accomplishments become her triumphs. I have a condition that severely limits my physical energy. Raphaela was a force multiplier. With her assistance and encouragement, I could accomplish in a few short hours what would have been too daunting to even attempt on my own.



Chelsea David, Tucson, AZ 



Healthier Homelife really helped me out! I needed to eat better and take care of myself but I found when I got home I was too exhausted to spend time cooking. Raphaela worked with me to develop a menu that was both healthy and delicious and she made enough food to last me almost two weeks at a time! All I had to do was come home, take some things out of the refrigerator and freezer, heat them up and I was ready to go. It made a huge difference in my life and freed up time and energy to exercise and develop some better habits. I highly recommend Raphaela. She's sensitive to your needs, she'll work with you to develop a plan that works AND she's an excellent cook! I'm very glad I contacted Healthier Homelife.



David Magoon, Tucson, AZ



Raphaela's company gave me invaluable help! I was trying to organize a new condo, was overwhelmed, and needed assistance. The results of her company's help are still evident and make my life so much easier. The cleaning was also a very big help. I couldn't do it all alone, and couldn't do it as thoroughly as her cleaning person did. Finally, I am scheduled for a big surgery, and Raphaela's crew will help me through that time. I have no family here, and her help is much appreciated. I highly recommend her!!


Rachael Hall, Tucson, AZ 



I hired Raphaela as a personal assistant for my relationship coaching business. Raphaela has a talent and gift as a business coach, organizer, and idea generator. She is also delightful and fun to work with! She helped me with much more than I originally thought she would. Not only did she help me stay on track with my goals and basic business tasks, she also helped me edit business marketing material, fine-tune the language I use with clients, and gave me fantastic ideas for making my business run better. She also helped me come up with new methods and tools to use with my clients. Raphaela is simply brilliant.



Bill White, Tucson, AZ 



I loved having Raphaela come into my home and give me ideas. Sue, her organizer, was amazing and so motivational. I didn't have to get involved - she handled it all, but I could also jump in and help as much as I wanted. I loved the team element but also the feeling that I had someone who was taking care of everything for me and keeping me on track. As a REALTOR®, I refer her to all of my clients who need organizational help!

                                           Bridgett Baldwin, Tucson, AZ 



This experience was absolutely wonderful! I've had trouble organizing since I was a kid due to having an OCD and anxiety disorder, which prompts me to keep nearly everything. I told Raphaela this and she was very understanding and sent over the lovely Sue! Sue was a joy to have around and she helped me with some of the major stressors in my life. We accomplished everything we set out to in just one day. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted! Thank you Healthier Homelife!



Frankie Gelb, Tucson, AZ 



I loved having this service and would highly recommend it to anyone with a busy life style. It is super flexible and easy to get started. They did all of the shopping and cooked with a lot of attention to detail. I felt like they really cared and were truly supportive. It was fabulous!



Christy Olsen, Tucson, AZ



All I can say is THANK YOU. This service is a life saver. I had Sue unpack and organize my entire home. She made it easy for me....took all of the stress and worry away. One day I had over 100 boxes cluttering my home and poof, then there were none in less than 2 days. She made useful suggestions, had constructive ideas, and helped me "let go of things I really didn't need." I am so great-full and words cannot convey how it changed my life. The owner of the company is the most professional, caring, and down to earth person who really knows how to match her Team with clients. This was a find made in heaven. Thanks a million.....



Elloise (& Brian) Clendenin, Tucson, AZ 



I have been using Healthier Homelife for the past three years now. They clean and organize my home, run my errands, and prepare all my meals for me on a weekly basis. No one else in town offers such a unique variety of services. Their expertise and quality of work are also unparalleled. Raphaela and her team are highly knowledgeable, skilled, personable, and dependable. I’m a busy investor who works from home. With their help, I’m able to be more productive, make more money, and enjoy my time off. I’ve also lost 17 pounds! I couldn’t be happier with the service. 


Elliott Kelly, Tucson, AZ 

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Raphaela sent out one of her excellent cleaners, Monique, to help me with my home. I was preparing to rent out my home for the Gem Show, and I needed a really deep cleaning. Monique was fantastic! She was methodical, detail oriented, conscientious, diligent, and an incredibly hard worker. And left the place in excellent condition. I can’t recommend her highly enough! Thanks to Healthier Homelife, my guest raved about how nice the house looked!


Joanna Carichner, Tucson, AZ 



Ummmmm, Sue just left like 10 minutes ago and all I can say is WOW!!!! She came to help us get the office organized - we still had unpacked boxes! Best thing we have invested in since we moved in to our house last July. She was crazy fast and efficient. She put her phone down in the kitchen and didn't even think about checking it once. She just kept going and going - I swear it was like one of those reality makeover shows where she even used those last 10 seconds for the final touches. OMG, thank you so much Sue. I would have NEVER gotten the office finished. Hmmm, wonder which room we'll do next ;-) ?!


Leanne Rogers, Tucson, AZ 

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