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Professioal Home Organization Services
Free Consultation
We are here to listen and create an individualized plan of action to meet your specific needs 
Green House Cleaning Services
Cleaning (non-toxic)
Creating clarity begins with a clean environment
Home Organizing Services
Home Organization 
Clutter reduction, hoarding help, filing & storage systems, space optimization, paper management, office functionality, move-ins, move-outs, yard & estate sales
Home Beautification
Aesthetic design, fung shui, color themes, and decor ideas to create a sanctuary for your best self 
Errands & Assistance
Concierge services, personal assistance, scheduling, booking, travel plans, projects, shopping,
transportation, pick-up, drop off, to-do lists, reminders, etc.
House & Pet Sitting
Breathe easy knowing your home and pets are in good hands
Personal Chef Services
Personalized Chef
Healthy meal planning & preparation
Customized Packages
We love to create personalized plans and packages that will best support your unique vision 
Personal Training
A regular exercise routine is vital for activating aliveness and energy 
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Meditation Instruction
Cultivating inner calm, space, and silience will help you bring these qualities into your external environment and daily life
Health Coaching
Our health can improve dramatically with the right information and support 
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Life Coaching 
Express your authentic gifts in your life and relationships 
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