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Meet our team! 

Personal Home Organizer

Raphaela Pandy


BA, Cultural Studies & Critical Theory 

Hello and welcome! I'm Raphaela. I'm passionate about bringing awareness, clarity, health, and aliveness into the often messy process of daily life. I also love to help make people's lives easier. This is what inspired me to create Healthier Homelife, a full-spectrum home organization and personal coaching company based on the integration of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, applied and functional psychology, and practical help. 


The idea for this business began three years ago when I was applying to graduate schools to become a psychotherapist. During the application process, I put up a flyer at a local gym and grocery store with a list of things I could do for busy, stressed-out people. Within a week, my phone started ringing off the hook. I found many people were overwhelmed, needed help with multiple tasks, and didn't even know where to start.

I immediately felt alive and joyful using my skills and capacities to fill a real need. I also realized I could help bring clarity to a person's mental outlook, health, and well-being by starting with the basics and building a strong foundation. For the first two years, I did everything myself and loved it. However, over time I expanded and now have thirteen amazing people working with me -- five cleaners, three organizers, two chefs, a personal trainer, a health coach, and a life coach. We love working together and are all dedicated to our respective crafts.  


It is much easier for us to live in alignment with our deepest truth and express our gifts in the world when we are grounded, have a solid plan and vision, and are equiped with the proper knowledge, tools, and community support. However, I know how difficult it can be for all of those things to come together. I also know how it feels to be stressed out and overwhelmed by various life circumstances, which is why I find it rewarding to help people navigate and relieve that burden. I love to be an advocate for people and help them achieve the results they want, while also bringing sensitivity to their situation. 


For over a decade, I've studied a variety of psychological, sociological, philosophical, and spiritual traditions. My deepest desire is to use that background and training to help people reach their personal potential in the real world. I have extensive experience as a professional organizer, personal trainer, health food chef, meditation practitioner, and life and business coach. I spend my free time reading, hiking, doing yoga, spending time in nature, inventing new healthy food dishes, and being present with family and friends. I look forward to meeting you!   

Personal Home Organizer

Nanette Robinson

Professional Organizer

BFA, Dance

As an artistic director, movement educator, and choreographer for the past 25 years, I have a unique perspective on how to get to the heart of what a client wants when they seek a professional organizer’s help. Many people feel overwhelmed (and sometimes even dread) when they try to move forward with organizing their home and life. But it can actually be a delightful process of self-discovery! This is because our organizational capacity is really about how effectively we move, create, feel, and thus thrive within our own space. 


The approach I use is intuitive and organic. I don’t believe in a set formula because everyone processes information and emotions differently. I will deeply listen to your concerns and design an organizing plan that feels good to you. We will develop our own dance and flow as we go. It really is a creative process, and once the momentum gets going, it’s fun -- I promise!


Successful organization and optimal functioning requires using both the right and left sides of our brain. We need logical and practical intelligence to create systems that simplify our lives, increase our productivity, save us money, and free up time. But we also need aesthetic awareness to envision a beautiful space that will inspire us. I’ve taught people how to integrate the right and left aspects of themselves over the past two decades working as the Executive Artistic Director of ZUZI! Dance Company in Tucson, which I co-founded in 1998. My own organizational stengths were shaped by finding innovative ways to manage both the business and artistic sides of the company. 


I look forward to helping you move more skillfully and eloquently through your life!

Health and Nutrition Coach

Hallie Loewy

Integrative Health Specialist


My greatest joy is seeing people make positive changes in their lives! I love being part of that process. As your health coach, I will be your partner, cheerleader, and adviser in the process of growth and transformation. Change can be challenging, but the rewards are immense. I’ve witnessed this many, many times -- so I know what is possible!   


In the 25+ years I have been working in this field, I’ve realized that people seeking to improve their health require certain things from a coach, including:


• A thorough discussion and evaluation of their current situation in order to determine their most important goals and first steps

• Concrete and practical strategies that can quickly lead to signs of improvement, such as more energy, weight loss, improved medical test results, and a more positive outlook    

• Support, not only in making health related changes, but also in maintaining these changes as an ongoing part of a healthy, vibrant lifestyle

In my many years working in the alternative health field, I've studied and practiced massage therapy, provided healthy diet consultations, advised on herbal and vitamin supplementation, and developed client-centered exercise plans. I believe that there is no one ideal health and wellness philosophy or practice. We are all unique and have different needs, experiences, and knowledge with regards to health and wellness. As a coach, I find these differences to be both challenging and exciting.


Some of the highlights of my extensive studies in alternative health include: Chinese Tonic Herbalism with Ron Teeguarden; Low Glycemic and Raw Food Theory with Gabriel Cousens; Macrobiotic Diet Healing with Michio Kushi; Iridology Diagnois; Colon Therapy Practitioner Training with Dr. Robert Wood; Dr. Paavo Airola’s Fasting; Diet and Nutrition with Dr. Rudolph Ballatine at the Himalayan Institute; Slow Burn Fitness Training; Pranic Healing with Master Choa Kok Sui; Traditional Chinese Medicine; Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Self-Care Techniques; Swedish Massage; Shiatsu; Thai Massage; Huna Healing with Serge Kahili King; RestorativeYoga; Neo-Cognitive Therapy; Gestalt Dream Analysis; MariEl Healing; Aromatherapy; Siddha Yoga Meditation Stress Reduction; Conscious Breathwork with

Leonard Orr; T'ai Chi with Herbert Lui at Columbia College; Transcendental Meditation; Iyengar Yoga; Hatha Yoga; Eckhart Tolle Mindfulness; and Thich Nhat Hanh Mindful Meditation.


I look forward to working with you, as we develop a vision and a plan for what you want to accomplish.  I’ll be there for you when you start the journey, and I’ll stay with you for as long as you need.

At Home Chef

Lisa Takamiya


BA, English Literature & Philosophy 

I have been a health and nutrition educator for the past 30 years. My passion for understanding the importance between one’s well-being and nutrition began at an early age. When I was 21 years old, I worked in the kitchen at the Himalayan Institute, where I was exposed to great chefs and teachers. I was incredibly inspired by that experience, as it opened my eyes to how central our diet is in order to feel alive and vibrant! 


I love to cook for people who truly want to eat better! Finding a way to eat a healthy diet is not always easy, but it’s always worth it. I will sit down with you and listen intently to your dietary concerns, frustrations, goals, needs, tastes, and preferences. I love to mix it up and will get as creative as your pallet will allow. No menu I create is ever the same for any client – or any day for that matter!


I am passionate about helping people create AND maintain a healthy nutrition plan. So many people WANT to eat healthy, but often don’t reach their goals because of two reasons: 1) They simply don’t have to the time to do the proper planning and preparation it takes and 2) They don’t have the knowledge about how to cook healthy food that tastes amazing and has variety. It is so disheartening when people with the right intention are blocked because of these limitations. It is a great joy to be able to fill in these gaps for people and help them reach their goals. I will do whatever it takes to create a healthy and delicious meal plan of your dreams. And I don’t give up easily… I am here for you!


Throughout my career, I have worked as a health food cook in a variety of retreat centers and health food stores across the country. A few of those have included Canyon Ranch here in Tucson, the French Meadow bakery in Minneapolis, and Marlene’s Market and Deli in Seattle. I received my diploma from the French Culinary Institute in New York 2011. In addition to my never-ending process of learning about nutrition and diet, I am also trained in Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, yin, restorative yoga, Chi running and walking, and am certified in Bikram yoga. I have also been a student of meditation teacher Adyashanti since 2007.  

Best Business Coach

Lisa Krikawa

Life & Business Coach

BFA, Fine Arts

What brings me the greatest joy in life is helping people unlock the insights and answers they already possess within themselves. I quickly get to the heart of my client's concerns with my unique method of listening and asking questions. We will start with an in-depth core analysis, and then build out from "mindset" to the four wheels of your life structure, working on each one until you're confident and excited about life! By directly addressing your blocks and helping you move through them, I can help you find ease and attract the life you want.

The coaching services I provide include urgent situations, family and relationship coaching, life path coaching, conscious parenting, and business coaching. The results in my own life include a successful marriage of twenty-seven years, a business of twenty years, and three thriving teenagers. I have completed over 500 hours with the PSI Institute (including Life Success Course and Women's Leadership seminar), am a court appointed child advocate for CASA, and am an obsessive learner and voracious reader of anything related to inner freedom.

I have an uncommon approach to parenting, which emerged from deeply inquiring into my own behavior with my kids, making changes, and seeing dramatically different results. I find immense joy in helping parents and teenagers (and/or children) completely shift their

dynamic, which involves the parent heavily inquiring within. I have been greatly influenced by the work of Shefali Tsabary, a revolutionary thinker in the field of conscious parenting. Two years ago, I experienced a spiritual awakening, which also radically altered how I percieve

myself, my kids, and reality. 


I understand the stresses and difficulties of not only family life, but business building as well. I have decades of experience in running, growing, and coaching small business owners. I launched my jewelry design business in 1998 and grew it to a two-million-dollar company with sixteen employees. I have discovered a unique intuitive ability to see the big picture and find the low hanging fruit to improve a business's bottom line. Whether you have an internet-based business, a consultation or creative business, or a brick and mortar store, I’d love to help you improve and expand!


My ability to coach people through their challenges has brought great results to my clients. I'd love the opportunity to work with you as well. I will first help you find peace of mind, and then guide you towards excitement and potential! As a results-oriented coach, I love to support my clients on a weekly basis. I find this is the best way to help them catch their thinking habits in the moment, create quick re-programming, and reorient them to experience their most joyful and successful self -- whether as a parent, partner, business owner, or simply an empowered being. It's your turn to be amazing! 

More team member bios coming soon! 

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